Sunday, September 4, 2011

Welcome to my Grand Foodventure

I love food.

My apologies for the great obvious-ness of this statement, but alas, it is true. And I've always loved food. I find it comforting, energizing, satiating, celebratory, imaginative, blah blah blah... However, I have to say, my love for food has taken a different shape over the years. As a kid, I loved Happy Meals, most of what mom cooked, and fell sucker to pretty much any food item with a free toy or a cartoon character. I dabbled in what I considered 'health food' as a teenager, which, at the time, meant choosing things like 'Honey Bunches of Oats' over 'Lucky Charms.' Then came my meatless phase, which began in my mid-teens, morphed into a vegan streak of about 3 years while in college, and ended in a Whopper with Cheese at age 22. Since then, I've had a love/hate relationship with food-- I've tried diets like South Beach, Weight Watchers, and Nutrisystem in an attempt to shed the evidence of my love for food. I've experimented with raw foods. I've thought about juicing (and that's about as far as I got with it). I've thrown out a freezer's worth of meat in an attempt to go vegetarian again, only to buy Chik-Fil-A the following week. I'm sure neighbors, friends, family, and my husband have all asked 1) what is wrong with me and 2) how do I not weigh 500 lbs?

Which brings me to today. I'm 29, in fair health, and married, which means that sometimes my food choices affect someone else and not just myself. Through the years, I've become increasingly aware and concerned about what is in the food I'm eating. Thanks to a subscription to Netflix, I've seen countless documentaries on this subjects and have done some considerable self-education on topics such as the meat/dairy industry, artificial sweeteners, and organic farming. All of my studies have brought me to the conclusion that I better start paying a lot more attention to what I'm eating.

Now, I'm not perfect. I slip up and have Chik-Fil-A every now and then still. But for the most part, things like fast food and 'commercial' food products make me nauseated anymore. Now that I know what's in these items, I can't bear to put these kinds of things into my body any longer! In fact, most processed foods do too, and the more I wean myself off these kinds of foods, the more I'm able to see what effect they have on me (headaches, acid reflux, blood sugar issues, etc).

So, what's a girl to eat, then?

That's what this is for.

For some reason, in all of my battles with food through the years, it never dawned on me to try my hand at making my own food products. One day as I was perusing some popular blog entries via Pinterest, I came across Katie Kimball's blog entry about making her own yogurt. I cringed a bit as I remember how the artificial sweeteners in most yogurts gave me horrible acid reflux. I continued reading, however, and realized that she'd broken it down very simply, and I could choose to sweeten the yogurt with a natural sweetener such as honey if I chose. When I figured out that it could be done by crockpot (thanks to Stephanie O'Dea), I thought, "I could try this!" So, I did... and it was a success! It was FUN even! Almost like a new craft project! The feeling of empowerment I had could not be put into words... I no longer had to rely on the supermarket to supply my yogurt, nor would I have to pick through which brands used aspartame. I could do it MYSELF!

This blog will be my way of documenting my little foodie adventures. I have recipes and methods I want to try as I gradually move myself and my husband away from processed foods towards homemade, whole foods. And like I said, I'm not perfect, but I am learning, and having a good time doing it.

Come join me on my little foodie adventures!

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